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offer ends 29/04/19

while stock lasts

Easter Basket

Just in time for Easter, this gorgeous green candle will emit the sweetest smell in your home or workplace. See in-store to shop the full range of new fragrances.  Click here for more info

offer ends 30/04/19

while stock lasts

Belgian Waffle

You have got to try out this unique new fragrance at Yankee candle. It will make your tummy rumble but please, don't eat it! Available in-store now. Click here for more info

offer ends 24/04/19

while stock lasts

Natural Salt Lamp

This gorgeous salt crystal lamp is a great touch to any home, and it's only £15 thanks to the generous offer from the Gift Company.  Click here for more info

RRP £35

NOW £15

offer ends 28/04/19

while stock lasts

Gold Lindt Bunny 2 for £5

Easter treats for every bunny. (100g). Once you've stocked up on your bargain bunnies in-store, why not create your own personalised ribbon at Lindt.co.uk?  Click here for more info

offer ends 31/07/19

while stock lasts

Forever Against Animal Testing

The Body Shop campaigned to end animal testing in cosmetics so you can shop responsibly in the knowledge their products are cruelty-free and still just as cheap. Click here for more info