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SS19 Hair Styles

Fibre Hairdressing take on this seasons big hair trend.

Spring breathes fresh life into everything around it. And why shouldn’t our dull winter hair get the same deal? This season, we’re seeing a new gang of spring hair trends come onto the scene, and these cuts, colours, and accessories don’t play around. Get your hair colour ready for the good times coming by warming it up, just like those rising spring temperatures. Every shade can get in on the fun, from golden copper to butter blonde to warm chocolate. (But loyal cool ladies, don’t fret. There’s an icy-hot colour in the mix for you, too.)

As far as cuts, you won’t be seeing the same look again and again. Between the bobs, lobs, and layers, it’s a toss-up of stylish proportions. Low maintenance is the singular common thread, and one we can get on board with. Whether coming right off the Spring 2019 runways—looking at you, retro hair accessories—or being plucked straight from the coolest of salons—we see you, blunt bob—these spring hair trends are sure to cause a stir and add some major spice to your spring trim.

Blunt bobs
Out with the long undone-done waves, in with the blunt bob. This cut is perfection for spring.  

A-Line Lengths
Ever so slightly longer in the front, this A-line cut gives a breath of fresh air to your signature bob or lob.

Barton inspired fringes
Well, more like a modern twist on the iconic Brigitte Bardot fringes. Easy and oh-so wearable.

Choppy Lobs
Since all things 90's-related have made their way back to the fashion world—chokers, scrunchies, and Mom jeans to name a few—it makes sense that hair is going back, too. Blunt bobs, choppy lobs, and super straight locks! 

Fun Clips
Slowly but surely, this accessory trend has been gaining steam. Why? Because in just seconds a pearl barrette can make a plain mane look totally styled. If you haven't started racking up on the fun pins, clips, barrettes, and bobby pins, it's time to start.

Low Ponytails
Give that perky ponytail a break for the season—low ponytails are all the rage. You can keep it simple and sleek, throw in a braid (like seen here), or give it a pop of personality with a fun clip.

Scandinavian Blonde
One exception to the warm colours: Scandinavian blonde. This blonde is so icy that it's hot. It might be the most show-stopping spring hair colour to hit this season.

Summer is the perfect time for a hair colour refresh. Longer days and beach holidays have us in a fun mood for something new at the salon. One of the biggest trends hitting Instagram and Pinterest is warm coppery shades of auburn, but you don’t have to be a redhead to pull this look off. With seamlessly blendable techniques like balayage and babylights, you can add a hint of summer warmth to your natural colour. If you want to keep it cool for the summer, go with a glossy black (emphasis on the shine!) or some icy highlights for an updated take on winter’s frosted look. Whether you have blonde, brunette, red, or black hair, this summer hair colour inspiration is too good. So make use of these lengthy days and book a salon appointment to get one of summer’s trendiest shades.

Creamy Nude
Similar to the cream soda hair trend that the Internet fell in love with, this soft shade isn’t quite blonde or brunette, and the “nude” base will differ for everyone depending on skin tone. This hair colour is low-maintenance, which is perfect for summer when you should be jet-setting instead of in a chair getting highlight touchups. 

Burnt Mahogany
Want to wear the season’s red trend without going full-on auburn? A deep brunette base melts into burgundy and coppery tones for the warmest, richest finish.

Face-Framing Warmth
If you’re looking for an easy summer update, you can never go wrong with some warm highlights that frame your face, which mimics the way the sun would naturally highlight your hair in the summer. These gorgeous caramel highlights perfect.

A trio of luminous shades from Paul Mitchell® The Demi featuring Lavender, Rose Gold and Silver offer you enchanting hair colour options. These new diffused shades can be used individually for an all-over trending tone or applied with multiple shades side by side for seamless creative colour. Available now at Fibre Hairdressing